Was the lack of air between my sweaty face and your leather couch what opened my eyes? As if the weight of a million memories was pulling on my eyelids in order to allow me to see the white and cracked ceiling, almost like a movie screen. And I’m there watching all these flashbacks from last night playing like a movie - It makes me feel like I’m still there under that midnight sun, breaking into Townsend Hotel pool. We are all jumping in like this is our prize after winning an 8 minute-mile. Then everything goes comfortably still. The smell of gas and the wind blowing your hair towards my face, the gas station lights are brighter than ever, while cigarette smoke vanishes out through the sunroof of the old jeep, making me feel alive for first time in years. Somebody whispers, “Can you feel the goosebumps?”
The ceiling fan clicks, the movie is over and I’m back in the empty living room. There is sand in my shoes, I'm sunburnt and the windows are open. My body is covered with black and blue’s, my soul is sore and my phone is dead. I close my eyes and the movie starts playing again - Cellphone lights leading my way, all those dirty and wounded feet come into focus as they head down the wooden stairs straight to the beach, straight into darkness. I can see the fireflies, hear the ocean in the near distance. I can feel how the blisters under my feet are bleeding, I can see the fire now - I fall asleep again to the clicking of the fan.
The noise and the light drag me back to reality, waking me up from a dream of my teeth falling out. The windows are open and I can see the water tower peering out behind the trees, a backlit-image that is being brutally illuminated by fireworks - Carnival is in town. I walk out the room... There's beer in my hat and also in the fridge. I think to myself, ‘I must be lost in reverie.’